We've got a campus! 

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After Spring Break, we'll be gathering to share with one and all about the good things God has been doing in forming this new school.  We will share the board's vision and direction, and answer some of your most important and common questions.  God is up to great things and we can't wait to share them!  

Location is still to be determined. 

biggest NEED: 

financial PLEDGEs 

(of all sizes)

Now that we have a campus we are trying to establish a firm budget and make solid financial plans.  The reality is - we need to secure the teachers and staff we know and trust with contracts.  

This appeal isn't only to those with sizable means.  Prayerfully consider how your family can participate.  Eat out one less time, do a car wash - get creative.  The best thing you can do is to make the need known.

Summary of Progress

(as of 3/19)


Interested Volunteers............ 70+

Students from Families Interested in Returning........... 164

Those surveyed are assuming that we would remain on the SRBC campus

and have both a short-term and a long-term plan (updated 2/20).

Funds Raised............(Stay tuned!)

We aren't yet able to receive funds as a non-profit corporation.

Pledge Amount Totals........... $80,200

We have increased our goal and are seeking to raise $300,000 to function as a reserve fund. This is about a third of our expected 2019-2020 budget.

Total Website Traffic (since 2/14)........... 7,240 visits!

March 10th-16th

  • Monday PM  - Met with the Executive Board to discuss possible announcement and communication.  Following up on accreditation questions / timeline.
  • Tuesday PM - SRBC Bible Church Elders met
  • Prepped a few volunteers for personal phone contact with parents before Spring Break.  
  • Wednesday AM - SRBC Elders announce the acceptance of our "Agreement in Principle" proposal! 
  • Wednesday PM - Executive Board meets for dinner meeting to discuss leadership and need for eventual town hall meeting. All group email, website and Facebook communication included. 
  • Formed subcommittees according to volunteers skills and willingness
  • Outlined survey answers in regards to what makes RVC desirable, new startup attractive and questions/concerns that parents have
  • Friday - plan to make as much phone contact with parents as possible before Spring Break begins

March 3rd-9th

  • Volunteer Update Email went out - if you'd like to join this list, email christianschool@sonic.net
  • On Monday, followed up on facility proposal and had active discussions to land a site for the school.
  • Executive Board met on Tuesday night to debrief site talks, plan for fundraising campaign (encourage pledges of all sizes), draft communications and discuss possible directions.  
  • Passed the 5,000 visits mark for our website!  
  • Explored CIF requirements and made some contacts with CIF officials.
  • Updated website and FAQs.
  • Tentative plans for direct personal communication and larger communication / all-parent meeting started (stay tuned for announcement)

February 24th-March 2nd

  • Executive Board met for discussion on Saturday AM with a few potential future administrators.
  • Non-Profit Corporation paperwork is filed through reputable attorney.  
  • Putting together a proposal for the use of the existing SRBC campus with various "campus plans".
  • Executive Board met Wed PM to finalize facility proposal and meeting with RVC teachers and staff.  
  • Met with current RVC faculty on Thursday afternoon to share progress and answer questions.  
  • Revisions to Doctrinal Statement being made this week. 
  • Consolidated various contact lists to improve communication.  

February 17th-23rd

  • Massive Website traffic over the weekend!  See above.
  • SRBC Elder Board meets Tuesday evening.
  • Sonoma County Christian School Executive Board meets on Wednesday evening.  
  • Emphasis on Pledges, Financial Viability / Budget Discussions begin

February 10th-16th

  • Executive Board meets on Wednesday to discuss our priorities in establishing a day school. 
  • New website up!  sccschool.org
  • Christian School Fair - get the word (and roses) out
  • Email communication to the respondents to christianschool@sonic.net
  • Meet with a respected lawyer on 501c3 status to understand timelines, initial costs and ways to set up initial funding.  

February 3rd-9th

  • The list of potential board members are contacted about a meeting on February 6th. 
  • A draft of the initial set of Values that will mark the new entity is made (in Starbucks of course).  
  • An email address is set up (christianschool@sonic.net) to facilitate communication. 
  • A forward-looking meeting is held on February 6th to discuss the possibility of a new school, around 20 are in attendance and are there for a long time.  A survey is crafted to get a sense of how many parents are interested in reenrolling.  Many more items are discussed: 501c3 status, parent meeting, fundraising, etc.  Another meeting is clearly needed.
  • A few of the initial parents discuss the need for a smaller "executive" board along with several subcommittees to utilize willing parents.  An executive board is chosen (see About Us).  The board is intentionally made up of people from different churches, backgrounds and skill sets.  There is a desire for pastors, parents of students, parents who's children are soon to graduate/already graduated.  
  • Word is getting out that there is a group interested in establishing a school.  More are invited to join a second meeting.  
  • A staggering amount of emails are written...

January 31st - February 2nd

  • January 31st - Announcement is made that the school is closing at the end of the school year.  After the announcement there is already discussion about the possibility of a new school.  
  • February 2nd - A handful of parents gather to discuss the possibility of a new school and the need to appoint an executive board that is led by parents so that staff can focus on the well being of the students.  An organized parent, clipboard in hand, brings a projected timeline needed to start a new school.  Trusted leaders of the school provide possible names of board members who have a proven commitment to the school.