How stable is this new school? 

God is at work!  Every week that passes seems to ADD to the stability of this new endeavor.  Much has been accomplished in a short amount of time and we wouldn’t pursue this option if we didn’t think it was possible.  We understand this concern and just want to be very up front about where we’re at.  You can trust us to tell you the truth.  We are optimistic and will proceed in a way that is sensitive to the pains caused by the announcement.  Longevity, conservative fiscal planning and clear reporting are a vital part of how we intend to operate both now and in the future.  We believe that God's blatant work through this school is worth the initial risks and costs of time and money to preserve it.  At every step, we have felt like things are moving in an increasingly stable direction (click here for the latest totals).  

What are the school's top priorities?  

To put it simply, Jesus is our top priority.  Above all, we desire that students know Him and love Him.  We desire for them to be shaped in His likeness and to leave an impression on the world that looks like Him.  He is what makes our school unique and necessary.  Our next priority is a top notch education from a distinctly Christian worldview.  We desire to equip children to integrate the Christian faith into every academic discipline so that they might engage meaningfully and persuasively with culture.  We are not merely training students to survive in the culture that they live in but to influence it.  For a list of our values, click here.

Where is the school going to be located?  

Just recently we entered into an "Agreement of Principle" with Santa Rosa Bible Church.  This is the first step in the process of becoming tenants at the existing campus (cost, timeframe, etc.).  Due to the urgency of the situation, we had asked to work out the more specific details on the lease later so that we could get moving with other plans.  They graciously agreed.  The exact "footprint" of our portion is still to be worked out and we are confident enough in the partnership that we can make this public announcement.  Shoring up the campus will help us begin to work in other areas and allow for our first major kingdom partnership with a local church.  

Is tuition going to go up? 

As fellow parents, our desire is to not have major increases in tuition because we know how difficult it is for some to afford Christian education.  We are pursuing other ways to help lower the costs and provide financial help.  It's important that we secure pledges to help understand our financial picture, see the Want to Give? tab to pledge towards this cause.  

Would many of the teachers and administrators stay?

We certainly hope that teachers and administrators are able to jump on board with this new effort.  Many teachers have told us that we would be their first choice.  Without knowing the viability of this effort yet, we wouldn’t want teachers to restrict their hopes to this potential.  We have recently met with teachers in order to updated them about our progress and they were encouraged and interested.  Securing quality teachers who we have come to trust is directly tied to the community’s willingness to pledge to this effort financially.  

Will there be a PSP program? 

We aren’t able to facilitate a PSP / Independent Study program at this time.  Keeping a day school (and particularly a high school) is our focus at this point.  Part of the reason for this emphasis is the presence of other options for PSP families.  Many alternative models for education have been proposed but we just don’t have adequate time to thoughtfully sift through them given the time constraints that we’re under.    

Will there be sports and music?  

We believe that sports and music are a valuable environments for learning and community.  And…they’re part of what make school life great!  Much of this answer to this question depends on whether or not we can stay on the SRBC campus (fields, musical instruments, etc.).  We are almost certain that music will be in our future.  We are also pursuing some answers in regards to our CIF status.  Be praying that God would open up doors!

How can I help get the word out?  

First, talk to others.  Talk to those who you think might be interested in enrolling their child or joining the effort.  Talk to families who attend RVC and those who don’t.  Talk to your pastors and people in your church.  Second, Like our Facebook page: Rebuild Sonoma County Christian Education and share our website ( on your Facebook account.  Third, ask people to make a financial pledge (click here).  The reality is – without the funds, nothing moves forward - so help get the word out!