Our Motive, Mission and Vision

When it was announced that Rincon Valley Christian School would be closing at the end of the school year, a handful of parents gathered to explore the possibilities.  We believe that it is vital to maintain the presence of Christian education in the larger Santa Rosa area.  We are motivated to seek God's will for this county and to help existing families with similar passions, inside and outside the RVC community, to find an alternative. 

We believe that God may be affording the larger Church (capital C) in Sonoma county an opportunity to form and sustain a new evangelical, independent, K-12 Christian day school with broad base support from local churches.  This is our most fundamental mission and we are currently exploring the various forms that this could take. 

The exact verbiage of our vision for a school is being formed but it involves three critical aspects: 

an excellent, well-rounded, Christ-centered educational experience for students

a distinctly Christian environment  that affords unique opportunities

the ability to confidently engage and impact the culture for Christ's kingdom

Our Values

The school would be guided and shaped by the following values.

Christ’s Supremacy 

We desire to explicitly bring glory to Jesus and disciple children in His ways.  Jesus Christ is Lord over all; therefore, following Him impacts every area of our lives and person, not segments or compartments. 

Biblical Integration  

God’s truth intersects with every academic discipline.  We should draw attention to His glory in all things, helping our children to establish a comprehensively Christian worldview.  This integration should include engaging with and understanding alternative worldviews.  

Academic Excellence  

Developing the mind is a part of our discipleship to Jesus.  We aim to instruct our children with excellence, maintaining high academic standards without making an idol out of academic achievement. 



Loving God includes our treatment of others.  We desire for this school to be a source of edifying friendship, inter-generational service and a model of biblically defined respect between students, parents and teachers.

All-of-Life Learning

Maturity involves more than a developed intellect.  We desire for our students to be characterized by wisdom and the fruit of the Spirit.  The transformation of character occurs inside and outside the classroom; it happens on the practice field, in the band room, through community service and spiritually enriching experiences. 


Integrity and Clarity

We view this school as a cooperative effort and responsibility of students, parents, local churches and school staff.  To enhance trust, we will regularly and clearly report the school’s financial position.  We pledge to manage the funds entrusted to the school with integrity and in alignment with our stated mission and purpose.  

Executive Board

The Executive Board has gathered to help direct efforts to preserve Christian Education in Santa Rosa.  We are exploring all options at this point and would ask for your prayers and support.  The board is made of people from various churches and backgrounds.  In order of the picture, from left to right...

Dr. Josh Hammer, DMD - Current Parent, Spring Hills Church (SR)

Ben Cunningham - Current Parent, Pastor - Redemption Hill Church (SR)

John Caris - Current Parent, Small Business Owner

Marlin Viss - Current Parent, Elder - Trinity Presbyterian Church (Novato)

Brent Thomas - Current Parent, Former School Board, SRBC

Dr. David DiSanto (not pictured)- Current Parent, Physicist, SRBC